Friday, July 31, 2009

reddit cultural report 07-31-09

I'm worried about reddit culture.

After being recently downvoted for suggesting that men should never hit women I must now make another disclosure:

I think it completely rude and ignoble of people that do not STOP, completely, and politely, for ANY pedestrian.

People have to learn this stuff.

So I'll write a parable with weathered optimism:

Once there was this young man, who was not necessarily or deliberately rude; and as luck would have it, this particular day he was fortunate enough to be riding with a very intelligent, yet very quiet older being, almost naked, about 7 ft tall, with a long ass beard and an awesome kinky Jewfro.

The young man was an experienced driver quite familiar with the demands of driving in the worst city traffic in the world. Despite being young and wishy-washy in his habits, he diligently attempted throughout his driving history to find that perfect time line between not holding up traffic and not offending the pedestrian.

So this particular day driving with the wise guy, and pulling out from an alley near the beach, lo and behold a pedestrian just about reaches the alleyway on the sidewalk at almost the same time. Well, not quite almost; for you see the pedestrian was a good 5-6 feet away from the intersection of the alley so logically the young man sped up a bit to hurry out of the way so not to interrupt the pedestrian's gait, nor hold up pressing traffic behind him.

Why don't you just run him over?
The wise old man said to the young driver.

That's all it took really for the young man to realize his vulgar, beef-witted, errant driving habits. That and perhaps a bout with momentary enlightenment later.

Many, many years later, this same young man though now not so young, ...attempting to perhaps share similar cognitive reflexes with drivers who had yet to learn such elementary politeness..., pulls into a grocery store parking lot and sees a little old lady who looked like she was using her shopping cart as a walker. Strolling out of the grocery store with a very modest bag of groceries she stops suddenly when HONKHOOOOOONNNNNK! holy sweet baby jesus! WATCH OOOOOOUT! Geez!

Surviving the surprise, Mrs. poor widow continues to push past the open space that SUV was trying to force their way into with a loud blast of the SUV train whistle while creeping up on Mrs. poor widow and finally, gunning it into the space once clear.

Door swings open, bimbo steps out, sunglasses, 32 perhaps, bleached blonde, probably 160 lbs, capri pants, cell phone held against ear, mouth going, purse in hand and she's off! And thar she goes talkin' away and walking briskly towards the grocery and obviously very, very busy with little time for losers like Mrs. poor widow.

"Why don't you just run her over?"
The not so young man says to busy slightly overweight woman in hurry.


--- and so... a possible lesson from this parable could be...???


Thanatos said...


Age, upbringing, current mental state, money in the wallet all seem to dictate permeability of the human membrane.

I yield religiously to all pedestrians, even those not crossing in designated areas, but I wouldn't fault someone for not doing so. The way I see it - the road belongs to the cars. The pedestrians need to watch out while they to get to their own.

Don't see such a gray area with spousal abuse though.

ijostl said...

Thanks for the reply.
The way you see it seems to differ from how you act upon your view.
The way I see it, people always come first.