Monday, September 12, 2011

Outlook email slow, slow to open close emails, slow performance, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2000, very slow

Hello Outlook user! I made this post so people that haven't figured out why their Outlook program started behaving painfully slow could try this, which worked for me. You may have a plugin or add-in problem but none of the other solutions fixed my problem and I had no plugins nor add-ins.

Here's what DID work, amazingly quick, back to normal, fast Outlook speed and it's a two second, easy fix.

Locate this file: outcmd.dat in your /Documents and Settings/USER/Application Data/Microsoft/Outlook/ folder and if you're afraid to delete it just rename it to outcmd.dat.bu or something else. BAM! Fixed! Outlook will look for the file and when it doesn't find it, Outlook generates a new one. In my case the file is now 2KB but the culprit file was over 11MB.

I found this instruction on a web page in the comments section.
Now you found it.

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