Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Public Letter to Thomas Wictor

Dear Thomas Wictor, Thank you for your contributions to the Internet over the years. You and I are friends, though we've never met.

TW's current YouTube channel:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Outlook email slow, slow to open close emails, slow performance, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2000, very slow

Hello Outlook user! I made this post so people that haven't figured out why their Outlook program started behaving painfully slow could try this, which worked for me. You may have a plugin or add-in problem but none of the other solutions fixed my problem and I had no plugins nor add-ins.

Here's what DID work, amazingly quick, back to normal, fast Outlook speed and it's a two second, easy fix.

Locate this file: outcmd.dat in your /Documents and Settings/USER/Application Data/Microsoft/Outlook/ folder and if you're afraid to delete it just rename it to outcmd.dat.bu or something else. BAM! Fixed! Outlook will look for the file and when it doesn't find it, Outlook generates a new one. In my case the file is now 2KB but the culprit file was over 11MB.

I found this instruction on a web page in the comments section.
Now you found it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

don't clobber me, it's not that important!

We met a man, his name was Phil. He said he had to take a pill. I asked him WTF ol’ man? What’s your problem? That your van…? He said the pill would help him chill and swallowed it with beer. “Yep my van. I’m a Vet you see, now just understand.” Hold on a sec, bro. I’ve got a better thing. Just light this puppy up, & hear your heart sing. Then he nearly clobbered me.

He's a lovely friend. But damn if I know why he prefers booze and prozac to a few humble tokes.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What I'd do if I found some money:

Well, let's face it, I've been broke for quite a while now. Don't get me wrong, I feel rich and have too much stuff, but spending money? Well let's just say that the few hundred bucks I found would have been lucky considering the weekend events planned and the reality of my available funds. But there was a problem, the money had an ID with it. Actually that's not a problem but the opposite of a problem. The reality is my lame mind made it a problem because I was tempted for almost two days before I finally drove to the persons home and handed it over. She gave me a hug. And a very long story that at times I'm sorry to report that I tired of enjoying; I mean she was an old lady and even though the lengthy stories were scattered yet filled with accounts of her and her now deceased husband, it took her almost a minute before she could remember his name. Take note on that husbands! :-)

For many this is no big deal. To a broke guy that's been paying bills for a large number of people for over twenty years, well at least this broke guy, it seemed a big deal. And the fact that it was such a big deal really bothered me.

Now one critical thought in my mind said to me that I had been brainwashed into feeling guilt and should keep it because it was good fortune. The guilt of keeping it was programmed into me as a working class dude who is bred to be docile and guilty of sin.

Knowing that just the "optimist" argument wasn't working against this particular thought I decided that any time that critical thought popped up in my mind accusing me of being a guilt-driven idiot I shut that thought down with this one little idea I made up a while ago and still use:

We live in the world we create.

Through our acts.

What I think I am:

I think I'm an ignorant person.
I think I'm an optimist.
I think I'm trying to be a good person.
I think I'm sometimes rude and vulgar.
I think I'm more than stupid animal.
I think I'm in love.
I think I am.
I think I'm very, very, very, very lucky.
I think I have been all my life

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Isis Inamorata

One of my songs for your beloved memory

Isis Inamorata © IJOSTL - 2008

blue chariot
awash with sotted souls
alert by new found cash and starring in fresh roles
take a turn for the worse
some ire in the muck
daymare in a dream, perhaps
but who could give a fuck
obliged atop such luck

and so it went
night hounding night
Isis inamorata, everywhere in sight
and after all this, what could I do
but champion the cause and try to stay true

blue chariot top down
driving in the air
and now until the bitter end
my love you know I care
for troubadours of chivalry stay true to our sweet prayers

©2008 IJOSTL

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Last Call

One of my songs for your beloved memory

Last Call © IJOSTL - 2008 (Dedicated to My Darling)

You stayed fast, 'till the end of it all
my star-crossed pursuit was a mortal last call
it's a far away down and a very long fall
from finally free, to crusade for a doll

At the foot of a mountain
in that warm summer day
by my troth of a fountain
truth faded away
and the pain of the world
it grew every way

And onward I went
and damned the black soul
in the rapture you lent
playing every role
in futile attempts
at making us whole

My carriage echoed
through her gentle measure
and so the lead
chivied mystic treasure
behind collusion, a ruse
of single-minded pressure

It's a far away down and a very long fall
from the frequency tuned to the source of it all
my star-crossed pursuit was a mortal last call
and you're finally free, my dearest love doll
you stayed fast, 'till the end of it all
and still, all I can do
is thank you


Thursday, November 6, 2008

A man I love, respect and rejoice for

Jaime Jones, thank you so very much for contributing such love and kindness my humble friend. And wowza zing for your expert contributions to the health of this planet! The dates are always the best in the world! Love to you bro.

Special props to starry loved Cassi for demonstrating how simple it is to be vegan. Years of vegetarian pales.
Love you,

My favorite video on the Internet

Thanks man, best video ever...

Sunday, September 9, 2007


One of my songs for your beloved memory

Arch-amaranthine © IJOSTL - August 2007

It was dark
yet there was your love,
fervency in shadow
burning in nullity

In the light
tears in the ocean
and those tears were heaven
love letters painted
graceful in clay

And it seems
not all is well here
ill-favored and frightful
sometimes, by those who've
forgotten the night

Still, your love
deluges suffering,
happiness and heaven
is love amaranthine
at least for awhile

Arch-amaranthine © IJOSTL - August 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another eidolon cognizance joins the blogosphere. This time it appears to be an avant-garde neoteric negligible troubadour, with no recognizable political ambitions and yet optimistic in general, and most often one in whose drollery is often found muddling. Malapropisms seem to be a given around these here times.